Millinery Course with Anya Caliendo


I know some of you are willing to be told my American experience: the land of opportunities, it is said.

By the moment this land has given me the opportunity to go there, know its multicultural and multiracial diversity, something that I love, however I cannot say the same about its gastronomic diversity.


It has given me the opportunity of knowing wonderful people that I have taken in my heart and, of course, I have worked hard for a whole month with the wonderful and talented Anya Caliendo, whom I want to thank for giving me the opportunity to learn about millinery almost everything I know at this moment.

What can I tell you about this experience? If I have another opportunity like this I will take it, of course, I have learnt a lot not only about the millinery subject but about life itself

It is marvelous to see how unknown people speaking different languages, having different cultures or beliefs, are living together in the same space sharing something that unites them which is the passion to do what they like and not what they can or should do.


The work has been hard, I don’t want to mislead anyone, but when you take a look back you realize it was necessary to take the difficult path to reach your goal.


We have laughed, we have become angry, we have discussed different points of view, our hands have been bleeding, our brain has been squeezed all the way down, we have been taken ideas we don’t even know we were able to develop. We have created wonderful things from nothing and this has only been the beginning. The box of passion, creativity and hard path has been opened, and I am anxious to walk on it.


It has been a month of very intense work with the most exquisite fabrics and the most wonderful techniques which will allow us to develop surprising creations with the most sublime finishes.


And I insist that work has been really hard, but am aboslutely perfect couture hat requires a complete adaptation of your entire body to the hat. If the hat needs you to lie on the floor to achieve that perfect seam, you will end up on it, sure.

And what about Anya? I can only say that she is an extraordinary milliner and a wonderful person. The day I said goodbye to her  I could not leave such a nice place where we had shared a whole month of secrets, tips, ideas designs and experiences which somehow we became accomplices


I could not stop to hug her, I had to go but I could not. Anya: hope to see you soon in our path in a near future.



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