We create your bespoke hat

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Special hats made exclusively for you

We love challenges and there is no hat that will resist us, so we make special pieces on request. When you think that your idea is something impossible to realize, that work is for us. We will shape it until it materializes in an exclusive piece.


How do we create your bespoke hat?


Very simple, tell us your idea and from that point we will show several sketches until you can find your ideal piece. The second step will be to choose materials that fit our design, paying attention to both exterior and interior. Once it is clear, we will start the production process, during this time we will be in contact so that you can see the progress of your bespoke hat.

If you have any doubt: ASK ANYTHING YOU NEED, we are on the other side.

I needed the flagship hat of my project, something very special and it had to be a unique piece. I do not know how I ran into Mar, I sent her what I needed, and from the first moment she took aim at the adventure.

The process was correct, with a constant feedback and contact that led to agility and therefore the hat came close to my demand, and what I mostly liked was the peace of being able to ask advice on certain things that I was not clear without doubting her criteria.

The result has been excellent, and the satisfaction of seeing not only an idea of ​​your materialized head, but seeing that the artist has been able to give her touch to improve what she had ‘in the head’… I love it. I am very happy with the result and would repeat it without hesitation !!

Mark Richmans