I want you to get my passion for millinery.


My name is Mar, since childhood I have been attracted by the spectacular pieces of art that throughout history have adorned the heads of famous and common people. If we look back, at every historical moment there has always been a headdress or hat that has witnessed the achievements of mankind.

I decided that I had to be able to create those pieces of art and so I learnt the traditional techniques of millinery in Madrid, after winning the first prize in an International Competition of  Couture Millinery I moved to New York to study with the incredible Anya Caliendo.

I am actually working as a milliner in Sastrería Cornejo, S.A. where I create pieces for plays, films and TV what allows me unlimited creativity.

My artistic vision of reality is reflected in headdresses entirely created by hand only with quality materials taking special care in finishing and details, as well as in each of the stitches made entirely by hand.

I draw inspiration from history books, photographs, landscapes, architecture, music and of course nature itself to create innovative yet elegant designs.


I have participated in different catwalks and I also create my own Couture Hats Collections just to give women the opportunity to wear exceptional pieces that make them shine to distinguish themselves from the rest.