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Don´t dream with a job, work on what you dream

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Design any piece you can imagine

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Learn the ancient millinery techniques

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New techniques for perfect finishes

Thermoplastic Workshops

How to apply thermoplastic in millinery

Learn to make hats in Madrid is possible

Turbante de terciopelo
Sombrero con flor
Gorra berlinesa
Tocado de seda AZURE

Making couture hats is at your fingertips.


Stop dreaming about a job and work on what you dream.

With the right techniques you will become a millinery master  and you will be able to undertake any project. Learn how to make hats in a clear, simple and funny way. Whether you are familiar with the millinery world or just discovering it, you may still be studying and have not even heard of it, you may even have your own studio or you are already an expert on the subject. Whatever your situation I am here to help you in your learning in the fascinating world of millinery.

But … how can you learn to make hats?

Developing your skills, those that you have hidden, so you can develop your own style and be self-sufficient. I will teach you the ancient techniques of millinery but you will be the one who puts heart to your project. Because millinery is a passionate work, an explosion of feelings from the heart. We all have something that makes us unique and that together with the techniques you will learn in my courses will make you a referent in the sector. Whoever says you can not, is wrong.

Tocado de alta costura violin
Tocados de alta costura

The millinery is a fascinating world that needs passion and technique.

My name is Mar Balmón, I am a milllinery trainer and I help people like you to develop their hidden potential so they can work on what they are passionate about.

The important thing is not what you do but how you do it.

Millinery is an art that is learned only from those who know it in depth, in fact, in my career I have met dozens of students in fashion design or other studies in the industry that have never worked, not even in the past, anything of millinery.

Only a milliner can teach you how to do it the right way to reach the optimum result.

Now you can learn to make couture hats, you are a click away.. Select your course: