I want to transmit you my passion for millinery


My name is Mar Balmón, I consider myself a lucky person because I work in what I am truly passionate about and in these courses I am going to transmit you my passion for a job that today is one of the emerging professions that until recently seemed to be extinct. The couture millinery courses are face to face and taught by myself. If you do not find the one that fits your needs, we will create a course to you. Ask us.

Millinery workshops in Madrid

Basic millinery

This is the best choice if you have not yet entered this fascinating world because you will learn the traditional techniques and the notions necessary to make your own creations of millinery. Here you will learn to handle the materials that are usually used: felt, sinamay, natural fibers, interlinings. We will see thelearn the handling of millinery wood blocks and much more.

Creative Millinery

Creative and practical Hat Course where you will learn how to make amazing and eye-catching pieces. This course is very complete since it includes different techniques taught in other monographic courses such as handmade flowers, thermoplastic and molds, and some of the basic techniques of millinery. When you finish the course you will not believe what you are able to create with your own hands and some techniques.


Flowers Workshop

In this course I have compiled dozens of tricks to learn how to create your own flowers of different types and materials: silk, organza, porcelain and feathers. All the pieces will be worked by hand, with specfic flower tools and dies so that you can make any type of flower in any size, in addition you will also learn to create your own patterns of petals and leaves. This is what you will be able to do …

Thermoplastics and molds

Have you ever considered making a specific piece and you have found that you have no mold? This small impediment has a solution: creating your own molds. That combined with new materials opens the door to a universe without limits.

Luxury Hats workshop

Luxury hats

In this course of advanced techniques you will learn to handle one of the most difficult materials to work: silk and velvet. You will take the basic techniques to make your own hats and decorations, as well as techniques to create your pieces with and without wood blocks.

Custom workshops

Are you looking for something specific? If the other courses does not fit what you need: No problem, I want to know what you are thinking about and we will shape  your ideal course that will be oriented to your needs. What do you want to learn? This is how we’ll do it …

Who teaches the courses?

Myself. I am Mar Balmón, millinery master . In addition to teaching courses I also work in Sastrería Cornejo where I am responsible for the millinery workshop. Here you can see some of my work in this department.

The handmade flowers workshop by Mar Balmón has been the best choice. I left the course excited. The amount of content we saw in a day and with all kinds of details make this course a wonderful one. Learning this exclusive knowledge from a professional with the trajectory of Mar, make it a course with a unique value. What I mostly liked: the attention to detail and perfect finishes, the diversity of ideas with which you leave the course. It far exceeded my expectations.

Marta, Siedesigns

I came to the course of creative millinery, taught by Mar Balmon, with the intention of learning new techniques, creating different headdresses and expanding my knowledge. These objectives have been fulfilled without a doubt and I would even dare to say that it has surpassed them. Mar is aware at all times of my work and has tried to match the piece made to my needs. The result has been spectacular. She is a great professional who knows a multitude of millinery techniques, but also a great person. I hope to repeat the experience.

Cristina, Dastar Creaciones

A very enriching course, Mar gets very involved and makes your time to fly. The techniques learned have surprised me, surely they will give me a lot of possibilities in my future work. Thank you Mar for being so generous sharing your knowledge.

July, Unico by July

Mar designed for me a CUSTOMIZED COURSE giving coverage to the specific knowledge that I wanted to acquire. After five hard days and many hours of work, I took a lot of knowledge and the experience of learning from a great professional like Mar Balmon. At the time of teaching gives you all the tricks she uses to make your job easier. Undoubtedly, her great mastery of Buckram (with an incredible technique), the subtlety and detail in the finishes of COUTURE, attention to details in each piece and that is to be thankful. It has exceeded my expectations! Thank you Mar, I have loved to meet you, you are not only a great professional but a great person!

Davinia, Davidi Du

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